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Tampere University (TAU) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences together form Finland's second-largest multidisciplinary, inspiring, and impactful research and learning community. Our areas of expertise lie in technology, health, and society. Learn more at .

The at TAU offers a unique opportunity to combine dissertation research, addressing business challenges, building professional networks, and engaging in innovation. The at TAU is seeking a Doctoral Researcher to undertake a four-year project, funded jointly by the university and a partnering company, .

The DSII is seeking a Doctoral Researcher who will work on a project on antenna and RF systems' engineering that directly benefits the industry. The selected candidate will work under the joint supervision of a university professor and a representative from the partner company.

Job Description:

The primary objective of this position is to generate new cutting-edge scientific knowledge for both academia and the industry in the field of antenna arrays and front-ends used in RF transmitter and receiver systems for defense and security applications, including sensing and communications.

The beginning phase of the work involves conducting a literature review and technology survey on electronically steerable antenna arrays for wideband operation as well as refining and expanding the provided initial research plan based on the findings, towards a technologically sound and scientifically innovative direction. The specific goals for the main work include:
  • Researching and developing antenna and front-end topologies.
  • Designing and simulating the developed topologies, analyzing results based on simulations.
  • Prototyping and measuring components and sub-designs of the design to validate simulation findings.
  • Writing 2-3 scientific journal articles and 4-8 scientific conference papers.

Finally, the research articles are compiled and summarized into a doctoral dissertation, which is publicly defended towards the partial completion of the Doctor of Science in Technology degree. The doctoral education also includes coursework at the university and other goals may be agreed as applicable.

As a Doctoral Researcher, you will collaborate with the supervising professor, a postdoctoral researcher in his team and the partnering company to conduct research in electrical engineering, antenna arrays, RF systems, and signal processing. You will work independently to achieve the research goals outlined in the research plan with good support from the collaborators. Your responsibilities will include academic work, writing publications, communicating and networking with professionals in both academia and industry, participating in conferences and events, and teaching duties that may account for approximately 5% of your annual working hours.

The university's appointed supervisor for this position is Associate Prof. Taneli Riihonen. You will also receive support from practitioners in the steering group, including company representatives. Engaging in DSII events, excursions, meetings, and training sessions with fellow doctoral students will provide mutual peer support.


Applicants should hold a relevant Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing, or a related field in science or engineering. An inquisitive mindset, problem-solving skills, independent thinking, and the ability to work in a team are essential. Proficiency in written and spoken English is required. The motivation and ability to complete postgraduate studies and doctoral degree are also expected from a successful candidate. Finnish language skills are considered an advantage.

Please note that selected candidate must apply for admission to the at Tampere University before starting in the position, unless the candidate is already enrolled. Please visit the for more information on eligibility requirements and especially observe the language requirements of the doctoral programme.

With the applicant's consent, a standard security clearance can be carried out (Security Clearance Act § 19)

Tampere University is a unique, multidisciplinary and boldly forward-looking, evolving community. Our values are openness, diversity, responsibility, courage, critical thinking, erudition/ Bildung, and learner-centredness. We hope that you can embrace these values and promote them in your work.

We Offer:

This position is for a fixed-term period of four (4) years, starting in October 2023 or as soon as possible thereafter. A six (6) month trial period applies to all new employees.

The salary will be determined based on the job requirements and the employee's performance, following . The position of a Doctoral Researcher is placed at level 2-4 of the job requirements scale, with a starting salary of approximately 2700 per month. Salary increases are based on experience and progress in doctoral studies according to the unit's incentive system.

The University is strongly committed to the highest level of scientific research and the provision of high-quality doctoral education. The faculty and the Doctoral School of Industry Innovations support the doctoral students by offering training and peer support. Doctoral students in DSII develop vital skills, enabling them to conduct agile, customer-oriented research, development and business.

The University offers a wide range of staff benefits, such as occupational health care, flexible working hours, excellent sports facilities on campus and several on-campus restaurants and cafés with staff discounts. .

Tampere is one of the major academic hubs in the Nordic countries and offers a dynamic living environment. Tampere region is one of the Finland's three most rapidly growing urban areas and home to a vibrant knowledge-intensive entrepreneurial community. The city is an industrial powerhouse that enjoys a rich cultural scene and a reputation as a centre of Finland's information society. For more information on Tampere, please visit .

How to Apply:

Please submit your application through our online recruitment system by the closing date of 9 October 2023 (23:59 EEST / 20:59 UTC). All application materials should be in English and attached in PDF format.

Required documents are:
  • a letter of motivation,
  • description of research interests,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • list of publications (if any),
  • degree certificates and transcript of records for master's degree studies in original language. If original language is other than Finnish, Swedish or English, please provide an official translation in one of those languages.

For further information, please contact (but do not send application materials directly to):
Dr. Taneli Riihonen,


Tampereen yliopisto ja Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu muodostavat yhdessä Suomen toiseksi suurimman monitieteisen, innostavan ja vaikuttavan tutkimus- ja oppimisyhteisön. Korkeakouluyhteisömme osaamiskärjet ovat tekniikka, terveys ja yhteiskunta. Lue lisää:

Tampereen yliopistossa on haettavana Väitöskirjatutkija, Antenni ja RF-järjestelmät (DSII)



Lue tarkemmat tiedot tehtävästä ja hakuohjeet yllä olevasta englanninkielisestä ilmoituksesta.

Jätäthän hakemuksesi yliopiston sähköisellä hakulomakkeella (linkki löytyy tämän ilmoituksen alta). Hakuaika tehtävään päättyy 9.10.2023, klo 23:59.

Application period starts: 2023-09-19 09:00 Application period ends: 2023-10-09 23:59
Tampereen yliopisto - Edellisenä päivänä - 2023-09-20 03:50

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